Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Konad Designs

Hi Everyone!
Here are just some recent designs I have done, hope you like it :)

KleanColor Pink Lady
I absolutley LOVE this color, its awesome. I really like this KleanColor brand that I found in an outlet not too long ago. All of the colors have a really unique quality to them, and EVERY single color I got (About 10) I have never seen or used a color exactly the same. For this color, Pink Lady, it is a neon pink, but its not one of those over-the-top bright pinks like Flirty Fuchsia or Punchy Pink from the Essie Neon collection. (Even though I love both of those colors ). This color has a silver shimmer in it, as you can see in the bottle. For the design I used image plate m57, one of my favorite Konad plates!

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! and KleanColor Bikini Green
Sorry for the messy manicure, but I loved this design too much not to post it :) I got an inspiration to do a multi-colored base for a full nail Konad design, and it worked! I used KleanColor Bikini Green as the main base color, and added random streaks of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! to make a really cool multi-colored look! For the Konad design, its an image plate I have used countless amounts of times on this website- m63. Try this on you own and tell me what colors and designs you used!

Okay everyone, please comment and follow! I have been noticing the huge amount of different countries visiting the site from the flag counter, and every time I see it, it truly makes my day! I have now added the google translator at the top so more people can read the blog! Please keep visiting, as many more nail designs are to come!



  1. You have some really cute posts. Love the fruit series! I haven't used that plate in a long time but now I want to again! Follow me too, please!

  2. Hey, It's Grace! :)
    1. I like your camera it looks super professional!
    2. I could never do any of this, it's very impressive...
    3. MISS YOU :)

  3. glitterM- Thank you so much! I love the fruit image plate :) I just followed your blog!

    Grace- Thank you, and I miss you toooooo!

  4. Do the klean colors cover in 1 coat?