Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite OPI Nail Polish

Hi everyone!
In this post I will be showing pictures of my favorite OPI Nail Polish! Please comment and also tell me what YOUR favorite OPI colors are! I am excited to hear from everyone! Now here are the colors....

Greenwich Village
Collection: Mod About Brights
I love this color because it looks like the color of grass and it reminds me of nature! Plus green is my favorite color.

No Room for the Blues
Collection: Bright Pair
I don't even know how many times I have worn this. Its the perfect summer color, but I still wear it all year anyway!

Gargantuan Green Grape
Collection: Brights
I love this color! This has to be my favorite of the three. On the nail it just looks so subtle, yet bold at the same time!
In the comments, everyone tell me what your favorite OPI nail polish is! If you want to explain, go ahead, too!


  1. Hi there! I don't have a favorite OPI yet since I only started buying some this year. The two green ones you mentioned are ones I've been eying for a while but haven't bought yet - they're gorgeous!

  2. ABOP- The green ones I posted are even more gorgeous in real life! :)