Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese Nail Art- Would you Wear it?

Okay, so I had fun reading all of your comments about the last set of Japanese nails, so reguary
I am going to post some Japanese nail art and you can comment if you would wear it or not!
I'll put up a few...

I would definetly wear these, one of my favorite japanese
nails I've seen

I would even wear this one to school, which I am definetly
thinking about once I gather up 30 bucks, which will probably
be in a LONG time. I can't help myself but spend all of my money
once I get it!

And just for the fun of it........

I might actually wear this one, but without the key.... haha.
Comment on which ones you would wear!


  1. omg ok so i would wear the first and second ones definitely but the last 1 is a little wacko! maybe if the nails were the length of the other 2 and not pointy and without the key than i'd wear them!

  2. I love the second ones, I think that I would actually wear those! Those first ones aren't my style, and the last ones....well I would have to stop blogging because I wouldn't be able to type! haha!

  3. the second nail ,xoxo amazing nails !!!!