Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh no!

I left my camera at my summer home! I am going there tomarrow, though, so I will have it back pretty soon! Now I guess I can just give reviews on recent colors I have gotten!
First of all, I got a big hall of Nail Polish from with my birthday
money, so I will do reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, the Essie Neons!

Funky Limelight

I don't know why, but I had SOOOOOO much trouble applying this!
Also, I don't understand why this picture shows it as bright yellow,
It's highlighter yellow! I really like this type of color, it was just a
PAIN to apply! On the good side though, it drys fast! Like all other
neons, it drys matte, but with a top coat, it is, of course shiny. ( Duh,
I don't even know why I said that! Haha.) I do, really, really like this
color though. ( I will have swatches once I have my camera :D)

Punchy Pink

I love this one too! This is REALLY bright! I have worn this several times already,
and that is saying ALOT for me! I rarely EVER wear the same color! I had no probloms
using this one!

Flirty Fuschia

This one is just a shade darker that Punchy Pink. I really like this one too!
Now really much to say, good application, super bright, great color.

Perky Purple
Yay!!!!!!!! I LUUUVVVVV this one! It has woonnddeerrffuull application, and, this is
like one of my favorite colors of nail polish that I have! This is such a cool color, my
favorite out of the collection!
Every one of these polishes has great formula, EXCEPT Funky Limelight!!!!!!!!
I reccomend every polish lover to buy these! I will have swatches once I have my
camera back!
Keep looking for more reviews on other polishes I bought!


  1. Hola!
    I heart all of these colors!!!! i want them all!!! i'd have 2 say my fave is flirty fuschia tho, its a bright neon pink and i totally luv neon pink! perky purple is a close 2nd 4 me tho:)

  2. hey callie i luv punchy pink and perky purple and limelight! kewl website!