Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Nails of the Day!

Here is a pic of my nails today! It is a simple design....

1. Apply Basecoat
2. Apply a white nail polish as the base
3. Take any color of nail polish, and put a drop
of that color on a washable surface
4. Take a tooth pick and dip it into the drop of nail
polish, and begin making dots in random places
5. Take a different color of Nail Polish, and
6. Apply a top coat once COMPLETLY dry,
or the dots will smudge.
Comment on how I did!


  1. my all time fave!!!!!! i luvv this so much i am so gonna try this soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! but for some reason my dotz nvr turn out right:( ill keep practicing tho:)

  2. hi cal!!!
    it gillian let me tell you ur nails ROCK