Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Konad Design!

My dad let me borrow his camera, so I can do a little swatching tonight!!!!!


Anyway, here is a Konad design that I wore today........

It was very simple to do, took about 5-10 minutes, so here is how to do it!
1. Apply Basecoat ( Duh!)
2. Use a white nail polish as the base color, but only use one coat so it is not completly
3. Use a black nail polish ( I used OPI Black Onyx) on Konad Image Plate M63, and do the swirly one! ( Do you like my description? :D)
4. Apply a black tip!
5. Apply a Top coat
Easy enough, right? Comment to tell me how i did!
Coming up next? Mermaid in the Shade Swatches!
Then Essie Neons!
Then Greenwich Village!
Then...... I don't know! I haven't figured that out yet!
See ya!

1 comment:

  1. Heyy callie u did an awesome job on this design!!! this is my 2nd fave design u have done nxt 2 the polka dotz:)