Thursday, July 2, 2009

Essie Neon Swatches

Okay, these pics should be a LOT better than my Mermaid in the Shade Swatches.
I took those in the dark, which is kinda hard to pull off. Anyway, here is the first color!

Perky Purple
Okay, this one is Kinda-sorta color accurate, but it is a little bit darker than this.
I really, Really, REALLY like this color. It is like, the perfect purple! Application was
really good, only 2 coats. One of my favorite nail polishes out of my collection!

Punchy Pink
This one is also kinda-sorta accurate. It is ALOT brighter than this picture
shows. I have worn this a few times since I have gotten it, and that means
alot! I rarely wear the same color! Application is good on this one, too. This
is also 2 coats.

Funky Limelight
Whoah! This is actually pretty accurate!!!! KEWL! This is three coats, and
it is still pretty see-through. DARN! Like I said before, this one for some reason
is a PAIN to apply! It dries super, SUPER fast, though, so that is good.
I like this color alot, though, don't get me wrong!

Flirty Fucshia
This one is also Kinda-sorta accurate! It is darker, but brighter at the same time!
This one probably has the best formula of all of them! This one is really awesome and
bright!!!!!!!!! This was 2 coats.

This is a REALLY cool collection! Every Nail Polish lover NEEDS to get this!

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  1. i luv all the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there so... bright and attention grabing!!!