Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hannah Hunters by Sugar

Hi everyone! This is not nail polish releated, but I thought I should show these awesome boots!
I found these boots on by Sugar. These are called the Hannah Hunters. They have them in blue AND pink, but I like the blue ones a little better :) They are suuuuper comfy with faux fur on the inside. Just thought I would show this to everyone!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short update

This is just an update......
Pretty soon I will be selling acrylic nails I have created on ebay!!!!!!! I will post some any day now! My Ebay name is.....


Keep an eye out for my nails, and I will keep you all updated also!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Halloween Nail Polish

Hi everyone,
THis is going to be quick, but here are some new nail polish I got from Wallgreens on the Halloween display...

Fantasy Makers Black Magic ( AWESOME!)

Fantasy Makers Black Pearl
Fantasy Makers Night Glow ( Awesome glow in the dark polish!)

This is the manicure I did using black pearl and an attempt
on a dog paw print. I did this for the Dog Halloween party in my
village, but cancelled :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some old pictures

Here is a bunch of random old pictures I've been meaning to post
for a while! Comment on the colors or designs or whatever.

Essie Funky Limelight with design. This is
super old, haha. This one isn't as old as the
date on the side says! My camera date was
messed up

Here is a Konad design I did a little while ago. THis is Sally
Hanson Royal Purple with OPI Siberian Nights M63 design

This is a Frankenpolish I did a little while ago. I'm pretty
sure I mixed Essie Perky Purple with some white on this one.

This is another Frankenpolish I did. I'm not sure what
colors I mixed for this one, but it was really pretty and glittery
when I made it.

Color Club What a shock. This is my nails today
so I thought I would post it! This is from the Electro
Candy collection

So thats It!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

American Idols tour

Went to the American idol tour last night, Adam Lambert was awesome!

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Japanese Nail Art!

Here is a bit more Japanese nail art!
Comment as usual!

Japanese Nail Art- Would you Wear it?- Number 2

Would you wear it?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese Nail Art- Would you Wear it?

Okay, so I had fun reading all of your comments about the last set of Japanese nails, so reguary
I am going to post some Japanese nail art and you can comment if you would wear it or not!
I'll put up a few...

I would definetly wear these, one of my favorite japanese
nails I've seen

I would even wear this one to school, which I am definetly
thinking about once I gather up 30 bucks, which will probably
be in a LONG time. I can't help myself but spend all of my money
once I get it!

And just for the fun of it........

I might actually wear this one, but without the key.... haha.
Comment on which ones you would wear!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Japanese Nail Art

Would you wear it?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wet n Wild Drugstore nail polish

I have been meaning to post these forever! I got these from thelocal drugstore, and I like most of their colors. They are only $1 a bottle! I am only posting afew, cuz most of mine are really old,
so they are thick and goopy, and I still don't have any nail polish thinner. I am just posting my favorite ones that arn't goopy. Ok, here they are!

Wet n Wild Carribean frost
2 coats. This one is wiiicked! Best Wet n Wild I own, I think.....

Wet n Wild Blue Sapphire
This one is probably dead second to Carribean frost! It is amazing! This is 2 coats.

Wet n Wild Bijou Blue
This one is probably 4th place, but still cool! This is 3 coats, its a bit more sheer than all of
my others.

Comment on how you like them!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Color Club Revvvolution

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nail Art

Here is a recent nail design I did.....

I got this idea from a youtube nail tutorial. The user's name is julieg713.
You can watch her tutorial for it, the video is called
Check it out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back!

Hi everyone! I am back from Michigan!
I had a blast, got somewhat of a tan on the beach, ( We have a cottage
right on Lake Michigan) and of course, rode on my ATV! Anyway, I should
be posting the some of my sinful colors nail polish in a little bit!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Nail Art

Hello Everyone!
Here are some 4th of July Nail Designs for everyone to use!
1st one.....

4th of July French Manicure
1. Apply a Sheer Blue base and let dry
2. Apply red tip
3. Apply top coat
Easy, next one is a little more difficult.......

Tye-Dye Manicure
This one is a bit tricky at first, so you may need to practice
a few times to get the tye-dye effect...
1. Apply White Base
2. Take a SPONGE, and paint nail polish on the edge
3. Take the sponge, and lightly dab it on the tip of your
nail. This should create the tye-dye effect. This may
take practice
4. Apply design from Konad Image Plate M63
5. Apply Top-coat

Takes some practice, next one is easy.....

Random 4th of July Design
1. Apply red base
2. Add a blue glitter stripe to the top using a striping
3. On the thumb, Add white dots to represent the
Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of July!

For Sophia

This is a request for my dear friend Sophia, for her occasion tomarrow!
For this type of occasion, you don't want anything too showy, so stick with
simple patterns and light colors.

That is sooo weird how it is sideways!
Polka dot french manicure
1. Apply a sheer sparkly coat to your nails and let dry
2. Apply a white tip to your nails
3. Using a toothpick, make white polka dots
4. Apply a top coat

Pretty Easy, Huh? Onto the next one!

Dot manicure
This one is super easy, too.
1. Apply a thin, white nail polish as the base
2. Using a toothpick, make black dots going across your
nail diagonally.
3. Apply top coat


Solid Colors
If you are going to wear a solid color for this occasion, make sure
it is light, and not too showy. Try choosing a fun color, like blue
to add a little flare, but not too much.

I hope I helped you Sophia!

OPI Greenwich Village Swatch

I have the swatch! This is such an awesome color.....

Ahhh! There is a big smudge on one of my nails! I didn't even notice that!
Oh well! As you can see, it's kind of a dirty green. I LOVE this color!
It kinda reminds me of the swamp! It has great application ( Especially
with the Pro-Wide brush which I LUV!). This is 2 coats.

My Nails of the Day!

Here is a pic of my nails today! It is a simple design....

1. Apply Basecoat
2. Apply a white nail polish as the base
3. Take any color of nail polish, and put a drop
of that color on a washable surface
4. Take a tooth pick and dip it into the drop of nail
polish, and begin making dots in random places
5. Take a different color of Nail Polish, and
6. Apply a top coat once COMPLETLY dry,
or the dots will smudge.
Comment on how I did!

Random Konad Design!

Here is a random Konad design using Image plate M63!

Excuse the Mess-up on the pinkie nail!

Essie Neon Swatches

Okay, these pics should be a LOT better than my Mermaid in the Shade Swatches.
I took those in the dark, which is kinda hard to pull off. Anyway, here is the first color!

Perky Purple
Okay, this one is Kinda-sorta color accurate, but it is a little bit darker than this.
I really, Really, REALLY like this color. It is like, the perfect purple! Application was
really good, only 2 coats. One of my favorite nail polishes out of my collection!

Punchy Pink
This one is also kinda-sorta accurate. It is ALOT brighter than this picture
shows. I have worn this a few times since I have gotten it, and that means
alot! I rarely wear the same color! Application is good on this one, too. This
is also 2 coats.

Funky Limelight
Whoah! This is actually pretty accurate!!!! KEWL! This is three coats, and
it is still pretty see-through. DARN! Like I said before, this one for some reason
is a PAIN to apply! It dries super, SUPER fast, though, so that is good.
I like this color alot, though, don't get me wrong!

Flirty Fucshia
This one is also Kinda-sorta accurate! It is darker, but brighter at the same time!
This one probably has the best formula of all of them! This one is really awesome and
bright!!!!!!!!! This was 2 coats.

This is a REALLY cool collection! Every Nail Polish lover NEEDS to get this!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mermaid in the Shade Swatches

Like I said before, I only have 2 of these, but better 2 than none, right?
I got these from my friend Sophia as a birthday present, UR AWESOME SOPHIA!
Here is the First one....

Mermaid to Order

Wow, what a HORRIBLE picture! It was the only one that
showed the color accuratly. I just noticed you can totally see
my nail line... oh well. Anyway, no probloms on the application.
It is sheer on the first coat, kinda-sorta bottle color on the second,
and bottle color on 3. I THINK this is 2, I can't even remember,
Haha! Very, very pretty, great for blue lovers!

Just a Fairy-Tail
Whoah!!!!! My hands look red!!!!! Haha, anyway, I really
love the foil finish on this. You can't see it in the picture,
but there is blue glitter in this!!! I really love this color,
this is what Mermaids nails would look like if you ever
saw one! Good application, but it is pretty sheer. This is
i think 4 coats. It takes a teensy bit of patience, but it is
worth it!

Overall, I love both of these colors!
Well, thats really all I have to say, so, BYE!

My Konad Design!

My dad let me borrow his camera, so I can do a little swatching tonight!!!!!


Anyway, here is a Konad design that I wore today........

It was very simple to do, took about 5-10 minutes, so here is how to do it!
1. Apply Basecoat ( Duh!)
2. Use a white nail polish as the base color, but only use one coat so it is not completly
3. Use a black nail polish ( I used OPI Black Onyx) on Konad Image Plate M63, and do the swirly one! ( Do you like my description? :D)
4. Apply a black tip!
5. Apply a Top coat
Easy enough, right? Comment to tell me how i did!
Coming up next? Mermaid in the Shade Swatches!
Then Essie Neons!
Then Greenwich Village!
Then...... I don't know! I haven't figured that out yet!
See ya!

Sephora by OPI Mermaid in the Shade Collection

Hello again!

I only have 2 of this collection, but someday I will hopefully have more!

Here we go!

Mermaid to Order

I wore this when I was swimming.... Anyway! I spaced off! Haha!
This is Sorta Duchorome, I dont think I spelled that right.... haha!
I really like this, really pretty.

Whoah!!!!!!!! This is really, REALLY small! This is the only pic of this color
that I could find, but it is a foil, it is silver with faint blue glitter in it, very
pretty, this is what mermaids nails would look like if I ever met one....
I will of course, swatch these when I get my camera back!

Opi Greenwich Village Review

I just got this color last week, and I REALLY LIKE IT!
Sadly, when I was applying
it, I got stung by a bee :'''(. I was out on my deck
from my room at my summer home
and I didn't realize a bees nest was right above
where I was sitting, so it came down and
stung my hand! I hate that bee...... ANYWAY!
Back to the color! I really like this color,
it reminds me of the swamp. Bottle color in 2 coats,
I love it!

Oh no!

I left my camera at my summer home! I am going there tomarrow, though, so I will have it back pretty soon! Now I guess I can just give reviews on recent colors I have gotten!
First of all, I got a big hall of Nail Polish from with my birthday
money, so I will do reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, the Essie Neons!

Funky Limelight

I don't know why, but I had SOOOOOO much trouble applying this!
Also, I don't understand why this picture shows it as bright yellow,
It's highlighter yellow! I really like this type of color, it was just a
PAIN to apply! On the good side though, it drys fast! Like all other
neons, it drys matte, but with a top coat, it is, of course shiny. ( Duh,
I don't even know why I said that! Haha.) I do, really, really like this
color though. ( I will have swatches once I have my camera :D)

Punchy Pink

I love this one too! This is REALLY bright! I have worn this several times already,
and that is saying ALOT for me! I rarely EVER wear the same color! I had no probloms
using this one!

Flirty Fuschia

This one is just a shade darker that Punchy Pink. I really like this one too!
Now really much to say, good application, super bright, great color.

Perky Purple
Yay!!!!!!!! I LUUUVVVVV this one! It has woonnddeerrffuull application, and, this is
like one of my favorite colors of nail polish that I have! This is such a cool color, my
favorite out of the collection!
Every one of these polishes has great formula, EXCEPT Funky Limelight!!!!!!!!
I reccomend every polish lover to buy these! I will have swatches once I have my
camera back!
Keep looking for more reviews on other polishes I bought!

First Post!

Hello Everyone!
I finally started my own Nail Polish Blog! Yahoo! I will be posting pictures of my Nail art,
or just new colors I got, and especially KONAD DESIGNS! I truly Love Konad, there are
so many endless possibilities! So, I should be posting a Konad design in like, a little while!
Check back in a little bit!!!
P.S. Scrangie inspired me to make this, Scrangie, YOU ROCK!